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CTI 100.DIO8.WLAN.W Starterkit

Controlling and monitoring installations, systems and processes in the field, logging application data or energy consumption values, and displaying data or operating states are requirements in our world that we can no longer do without. Wherever global availability, mobility and communication with distributed systems are required, facilities for telecontrol/teleservice must be implemented. The simple provision of a modem or an Ethernet interface as a means of communication is not enough to cover the requirements for affordable global availability. The level at which the functions provided are to be accessed and used is a critical factor for problem-free telecontrol/teleservice. For this purpose, the com.tom product range offers the appropriate web portal, com-tom CloudServer, for providing data, as well as a host of different devices.

The com.tom product range offers different devices for implementing a wide range of interfaces to the plants, systems and processes.
Communication from the field to the com.tom CloudServer is a fixed element of any com.tom product.

com.tom BASIC uses the Ethernet interfaces provided with all com.tom devices to offer the com.tom PORTAL solution for environments with a WAN connection in place.

The pre-installed IPC@CHIP® RTOS real-time operating system enables the easy creation of application-specific programs.

WEB-PLC is a WEB-based graphical editor solution for basic PLC control functions.
Operations such as AND, OR, XOR, FF, TIMER, COUNTER, COMPARE and more are provided for implementing simple PLC functions.
Additional protocols (eg Modbus) are available in the WEB-PLC. The communication to the com.tom PORTAL is always available and only the appropriate configuration is required.
Other service and remote services are also provided, such as OpenVPN, NAT and COM server.

The CODESYS market leader enables unrestricted programming in IEC 61131-3 for the user. Additional protocols (eg Modbus) are available in CODESYS.
The communication with the com.tom PORTAL is always available and also here only requires the appropriate configuration.
Other service and remote services are also provided, such as OpenVPN and NAT.

On the process side, communication is implemented via a serial interface or via digital inputs/outputs.

The local digital inputs/outputs can also be assigned to simple PLC functions. Furthermore, these functions do not require the use of an IEC programming interface.

Scope of delivery CTI 100.DIO8.WLAN.W Starterkit: Gateway, microSD card, connectors (3-pin, 4-pin, 8-pin, 10-pin), MAC-ID label, start-up guide

TermPart numberPrice
CTI 100.DIO8.WLAN.W Starterkit
1 Ethernet-Port, 1 WLAN/BT-Modem,
1 CAN-Port, 1 serielle Schnittstelle RS232/RS485,
1 microSD-Karten Einschub, 1 USB-Port,
4 digitale Eingänge, 4 digitale Ausgänge,
WEB-PLC Programmierung
ein Jahr kostenlose Nutzung des com.tom PORTAL
on request

Optional accessories
TermPart numberPrice
com.tom VPN Certificate
one time cost per OpenVPN certifact
on request
com.tom VPN Service fee
monthly service fee per OpenVPN Client at com.tom
on request

SC145 Embedded Controller

32-bit processor with 528 MHz, 128 MB RAM (DDR3), 64 MB flash disk

Real-time clockBacked by a lithium rechargeable battery
Ethernet interface1 x 10/100BaseT, RJ45 connectors, Link and traffic LED indicators
Serial interface1 x RS232/RS485 (selectable), Weidmüller BL 3.50/08 connector
USB interface1 x USB 2.0, Micro USB (type B) connector, OTG support (future use)
SD card interface1 x microSD card, SD / SDHC, Push/push slot
CAN interface1 x CAN, Weidmüller BL 3.50/04 connector
Supply voltage24 VDC (-15% / +15%), Weidmüller BL 3.50/03 connector
WLAN modem
standardsIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, Dual band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)
ModesWi-Fi client, Wi-Fi access point (in Q2/2017)
Antenna interfaceSMA Female
Digital I/O 4
Digital Inputs

4 x sink, 24 V DC typ 5 mA (typ)

TRUE: 15 V DC min

FALSE: 5 V DC max

no potential isolation

Digital Outputs

4 x Transistor (high-side)

24 V DC, 500 mA (max)

short-circuit and overload resistant, no potential isolation

ConnectorWeidmüller BL 3.50/10
Operating SystemIPC@CHIP® RTOS-LNX Real-time operating system
WEB-PLC editor and runtimeVisual programming editor running on the internal web server
  • I/O mapping editor
  • Up to 8192 I/O values
  • Up to 1024 portal variables
WEB-PLC diagramUp to 2048 function units, I/O values, portal variables and constants
  • IPO cycle time: 10 to 1000 ms
WEB-PLC function units
  • Data type converters: Bool, Uint8, Sint8, Uint16, Sint16, Uint32, Sint32, Float32, Float64, String
  • Binary: AND, OR, XOR
  • Bits and bytes: Extract, Pack, Put Bit, Shift Register, Unpack
  • Controllers: On/Off, P, Shade
  • Messages: Send, Receive
  • Numerical: Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Minimum, Maximum, Min Acc, Max Acc, Average, Counter, Compare, Signal Limiter, Signal Converter, Signal Smoother, Signal Tracker
  • Special: First Cycle, OpenVPN, Portal Status
  • Storage, Selection, Edge Detection: Demultiplexer, Multiplexer, RS Flipflop, T Flipflop, Trigger, Analog Trigger, Load Profile, State Machines
  • Timing: Local Clock, UTC Clock, Stop Watch, TON, TOFF, TP, Timer, Compare Time, Time Switches
WEB-PLC Additional functions
  • Event log: System events are logged to a circular buffer in RAM with timestamp, message and event type
  • Simple Network Time Protocol(SNTP): synchronization of the system clock
  • OpenVPN client: Integrate the com.tom device into a virtual private network
  • DHCP server: Up to 100 clients, up to 20 static leases
  • NAT: Route traffic between a local (internal) and a global (external) network, up to 1000 mappings, up to 50 static mappings
  • Firewall: Filter incoming traffic, up to 1000 rules (including dynamic rules for outgoing traffic), up to 50 static rules
  • Messages: Send and receive short messages (up to 10 templates respectively)
  • Modbus RTU master/slave: Up to 128 devices and 4096 values (up to 8192 values including array members)
  • Modbus TCP client/server: Up to 128 devices and 4096 values (up to 8192 values including array members)
  • PROFIBUS DP slave*: Up to 128 modules, up to 244 values (per direction) with a total size of 244 bytes (per direction)
  • PROFINET IO device*: Up to 128 modules, up to 1308 values (per direction) with a total size of 1308 bytes (per direction)
  • EtherNet/IP adapter*: Up to 128 groups, up to 1448 values (both directions) with a total size of 1448 bytes (per direction)
  • M-Bus*: Up to 64 devices and 4096 values
  • CODESYS network variables: Up to 128 lists and 4096 values
  • SNMP manager: Up to 128 agents and 4096 values Trap receiver
  • COM server: According to RFC 2217
  • Time switches: Up to 8 switches, crontab format
  • MicroBrowser interface
  • Remote or local update via com.tom PORTAL or local web server
  • Export: Export the diagram and/or the settings of the com.tom device as an update package

*with a corresponding gatewa

com.tom PORTAL communicationTransferred information:
  • Device information
  • Portal round trip times
  • Update URL, trigger and status
  • OpenVPN activation and status
  • Cell modem SIM id and RSSI*
  • GPS Coordinates*
  • Event log messages
  • I/O values
  • Portal variables

*with a corresponding gateway

Environmental data
Operating temperature (TA)0°C to +55°C, on request: -20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature-20°C to +60°C
Operating and storage humidity

5% to 85% relative humidity,


Protection classIP20
Mechanical data
Size (W x L x H)46 x 105 x 78 mm
MaterialPowder-coated steel sheet, RAL 7021, dull finish
MountingDIN rail mounting
Compliance and Conformity


- EMC emission: IEC 61000-6-3

- EMC immunity: IEC 61000-6-2

- Low Voltage Directive: IEC 62368-1

- Protection Rating: IEC 60529: IP20

- R&TTE Directive: EN 301 489-1/-7, EN 301 511

Power Supply 12W

Connector BL01-3P

Connector BL01-10P


Online help

  • WEB-PLC v19.2.20 - The WEB-PLC Online Help describes the usage and configuration of com.tom devices with WEB-PLC software.For com.tom INDUSTRY (CTI) Gatway's.

First Steps


  • WEB-PLC v18.2.16 - Update package for com.tom devices. Please observe the firmware update notes in the WEB-PLC release notes.For SC1x5 Gateway's.
  • WEB-PLC v18.2.16 - Open Source Package - Sources of open-source components used inside the WEB-PLC firmware that are licenced under GPL or LGPL.


  • com.tom IP-Tool - Win32 application for IP address configuration of com.tom devices via network. The Windows PC requires "Microsoft.NET Framework” 4 or higher


Start-up Guide

Informationsheet / Flyers

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