Decentralized systems with live data

Live data is essential today for the correct control of decentralized systems. com.tom offers the perfect solution for this in conjunction with the com.tom Portal. The data transfer is event-driven and bidirectional with a short reaction time in seconds.

The up-to-dateness of the data is a quality feature of decentralized systems. How often will I receive new information from the distributed units and how quickly will these respond to the commands of the central controller? Our pledge is very clear. All data should always be up-to-date and commands should be executed immediately. This is what we understand by live data and this is precisely what the com.tom Portal implements. The com.tom devices log in to the Portal automatically after startup and are then monitored automatically. The data transfer between device and Portal is event-driven and bidirectional with a short reaction time in seconds. Where the devices are located or how the Internet connection is established for the communication is irrelevant. The service always functions as only http(s) is used. Functions such as Map View, process visualization, alarm handling are already integrated on the com.tom Portal. The Portal can also be accessed via mobile devices.

The following features of com.tom RADIO are used:

Smart grid

Communication is playing an increasingly more important role in the field of energy generation. com.tom supports this with the standard protocols used in the energy sector, thus ensuring end-to-end connectivity down to the smallest node.

Since the advent of the energy transition in Germany, the supply and stability of the grid are increasingly coming into focus. Communication is the key in order to ensure the long-term stability of the grid without having to make enormous investments in new constructions. IEC standards are used for the basis in order to also make international operation possible. With IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850, the com.tom devices offer the current state of the art as well as security for the future. The com.tom collects data and can already implement preprocessing before the relevant information is then sent to the control stations via the IEC communication channel. This makes it possible to connect all types of energy generation and monitoring directly with the smart grid.

The following features of com.tom RADIO are used:

Send fault messages via SMS

In the event of a fault, the simplest form of alarming is implemented with SMS. For this the com.tom offers digital inputs or also the direct coupling to plant controllers in order to evaluate faults.

The com.tom comes with several different interfaces and protocols for connecting to the process, the controller, the meter or the device. The connection is set directly in the com.tom web browser and is then made available in the graphical programming interface (WEB-PLC) that is also provided on the web server. Here values can be compared, counted or simply programmed in an operation. Depending on the condition, up to 4 different SMS messages can be sent. Dynamic values from the WEB-PLC can also be transferred in these messages. The implementation of an individual alarm modem therefore couldn't be simpler.

The following features of com.tom RADIO are used:

Secure access for servicing - Service Router

In order to access controllers, PLCs, regulators and drives, the com.tom comes with a controllable VPN client that allows direct access worldwide to a device from one's own PC or software.

Servicing involves costs and traveling time and much more. Remote access to controllers and devices is therefore becoming increasingly more important. The com.tom offers a full range of options for the function as a service router. For this we offer the com.tom easyOpenVPN server. This server is used for connecting com.tom devices and PCs to create a virtual network. Controllers and devices can then be reached via the Ethernet interface of the com.tom. A NAT router with all the standard setting options is provided for this. A DHCP server is also provided for the automatic configuration of clients. In this way, controllers can be programmed as if you were directly at the device. Devices with only a COM interface can also be accessed with the integrated COM server of the com.tom. The com.tom device with the com.tom easyOpenVPN server is thus the perfect solution for every type of remote maintenance.

The following features of com.tom RADIO are used:

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