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Industry to Internet

IoT building blocks in hard- and software

Based on the IIoT reference model Beck provides components in Hard and Software to set up
private company cloud solutions in a easy a quick way

Beck IoT

The basic building blocks for IoT

The following components are the basic elements to set up an IoT application:

1. The Cloud Broker: Handles all the necessary actions to manage the incoming and outgoing data including all configuration and security aspects.

2. The Kolibri Protocol: The Kolibri protocol is a secure WEB based protocol to transfer data from the filed into the internet and vice versa. It is designed for high speed, low latency and low traffic due to the demands of industrial communication.

3. The com.tom devices: The com.tom devices are ready to use Internet Gateways especially designed for automation and high connectivity.

4. The IPC@CHIP®: The IPC@CHIP® is an embedded hardware component which fulfills especially the needs of an industrial controller. It is easy and ready to use as well as cost optimized for decentralized plc devices.

5. The RTOS-LNX: Is the embedded OS based on Linux for the IPC@CHIP®. It includes a lot of communication, hmi and plc functions as well as real-time capabilities for embedded IIoT.


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